Growth Hormone Therapy to Increase Short Height of Children

There are various causes of short children, ranging from malnutrition, heredity, to too little growth hormone. One way that can be done to overcome this condition is by utilizing growth hormone therapy. Growth hormone or human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone serves to ensure that children can grow and develop normally. If the child's body lacks growth hormone, then he can look shorter than his age friends. So that children who are short due to lack of growth hormone can grow normally tall, he can be given growth hormone therapy. Recognizing Disorders of Height Growth in Children In addition to lack of growth hormone, a short body in children can be caused by several things, including genetic factors. This condition is normal in children whose parents have short stature. Certain diseases or conditions, such as malnutrition, anemia, asthma, bone growth disorders, and hypothyroidism in children, also…

Often Feeling Tingling Fingers, Beware of Signs of Diabetes

Various conditions can trigger tingling fingers. Diabetes is one of the factors that causes it the most. Tingling in the hands can occur temporarily or for a longer time. In addition to the hands, you can also feel tingling or pins and needles on your hands and feet as well. Pay attention to the symptoms Mild temporary tingling may be caused by nerves that are depressed during sleep or when in a certain position. By changing the position to release the pressure, the tingling will gradually disappear. However, there are more severe or chronic pins and needles. Severe tingling is often accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, itching, numbness, to muscle wasting. Tingling followed by these symptoms is a sign of nerve damage. The medical term for nerve damage is peripheral neuropathy. Until now, there are more than 100 types of peripheral neuropathy that can reduce the ability to move and even cause paralysis. Diabetes is one of the most frequent causes of peripheral neuropathy…

Dehydrated Skin Can Trigger Aging of the Skin

A new year has arrived, it indicates your age has also increased. As time goes by and as we age, there is certainly a change in our skin. Different lifestyle and genetic factors make each person experience different skin aging.
In the late 20s to early 30s, signs of aging on the facial skin begin to appear. Such as wrinkles around the eye area, folds between the eyebrows, spots on the face, changes in skin color, skin looks dry, and the face looks more dull. At this age, the majority of women start looking for antiaging products or even undergoing actions such as Botox injections to overcome this.
Causes of Facial Skin Aging
Skin aging is a problem that often worries many people, especially women. Actually, skin aging that occurs is caused by two things, namely extrinsic and intrinsic factors.
Extrinsic factors are caused by environmental factors such as poor nutrient intake, sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. As for the intrinsi…

This is the cause of hemorrhoids after childbirth and how to handle it

Hemorrhoids are a condition that is pretty much complained of women who have just given birth. Know what causes hemorrhoids after childbirth and how to overcome them, so that this condition does not interfere with pleasant times with the baby who has just arrived in your life. Hemorrhoids are marked by the appearance of a lump around the rectum. The lump is usually accompanied by itching, pain, and sometimes bleeding when you defecate. Pregnant women who experience hemorrhoids during childbirth, have a higher risk to experience it again after delivery. Know the Causes of Hemorrhoids After Childbirth Hemorrhoids after childbirth can be caused by various things. However, most of these conditions are the result of straining during labor. You must remember how much energy is drained to remove the baby during labor. Now, when you push hard, the blood vessels around the rectum get strong pressure. This pressure then inhibits the flow of blood, thus eventually causing swelling. Strong…

5 Parenting Principles Shaping Positive Character in Children

Raising and educating children is not an easy matter. Mistakes of parents in adopting parenting can affect children's behavior later on. Therefore, it is important for parents to learn the correct parenting principle in order to form positive character in children. Children are like blank white paper that can be decorated with graffiti or writing. The writing can make the paper beautiful or vice versa. Well, it all depends on the parenting that parents apply to children. Parenting principles that need to be applied by parents Good parenting can help foster a sense of caring, honesty, independence, and joy in children. Good ways of parenting can also support children's intelligence and protect children from anxiety, depression, promiscuity, and alcohol and drug abuse. The main principle of good parenting is to raise and educate children with love, while supporting, guiding, and being a pleasant friend. The following are 5 parenting principles that you can apply: 1. Be a…